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How to take personal loan from Kreditzy App

Everyone’s small needs increase with time. Due to lack of money, there are obstacles in fulfilling the needs, to solve this, many apps provide facilities like loan. One such reliable app is Kreditzy App which can fulfill our personal needs through loan. You can get a loan from your mobile phone in less time through CreditG app while sitting at home.

In this article “How to take loan from Kreditzy App (Best Personal Loan Online AppsInformation about ) has been written. Through this article, important things related to personal loan have been explained clearly, which will give you the right guidance in taking loan from Kreditzy App.

What is Kreditzy App?

Kreditzy App is a digital platform where with the help of mobilepersonal loan can be taken. The CreditG app provides financing assistance to meet the individual needs of customers. You can take a loan in the form of money from Kreditzy App to meet your needs, which is called Kreditzy App Loan. Mainly personal loan can be taken from CreditG app.

CreditG app was launched on 29 October 2019. Its main head office is in Bangalore. Its services can be availed mainly in all cities. Online loan facility can be availed 24 hours a day through CreditG app.

It also takes less time to apply for loan through this app. Once the loan is approved, the loan amount is immediately transferred to the bank. CreditG App is a secure company which is approved by RBI and NBFC which is registered under the name Krazybee Service Private Limited.

Eligibility to take loan from Kreditzy App.

To take loan from Kreditzy App, some eligibility is required which are as follows:

Kreditzy App Loan Eligibility
  • citizen: Applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • age: The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years and maximum age should be 60 years.
  • Income Source:The loan taker must be doing some work from which he gets income every month.
  • Income: The monthly income of the applicant should be more than Rs 10 thousand.
  • Work experience: The loan taker should have 3 months of experience in his work.
  • Bank Account: The applicant must have a bank account.
  • PAN card: The applicant must have PAN card.
  • permanent address: The applicant must have KYC address proof.

Documents required for Kreditzy App

To take loan from Kreditzy App, some necessary documents are required so that the loan can be availed quickly. The required documents are as follows:

  1. identity proof
    • Aadhar card
    • pen card
  2. Address proof
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter ID Card
    • driving license
    • Passport
  3. income proof
    • bank account details
    • Salary Slip (Last 3 Months)
    • Bank Statement (last 3 months)

How to take loan from Kreditzy App

Loan can be easily taken online through Kreditzy App through mobile. Follow some process to take loan:

Kreditzy App Personal Loan Apply Process
  • First of all install Kreditzy App from Google Play Store.
  • After installing the app, register in the app and create your account.
  • To create an account, fill your information like name, address, bank details etc. Submit after filling the information.
  • After submitting the information, check your credit limit which appears after some time and a message also comes.
  • After this, choose the loan option you want.
  • After selecting the loan, e-sign the agreement.
  • After e-sign, if you are eligible for the loan, the loan amount is transferred to the bank and a message also comes.

In this way, personal loan can be easily taken through online Kreditzy App. Loan can be taken from CreditG app to meet your personal small needs.


app nameKreditzy App Personal Loan
minimum age21 years
Rate of interest0% to 29.95% (per annum)
loan amount1 thousand to 1 lakh (approximate)
payment deadline91 to 365 days
RBI registeredapproved
customer care number8044292500

How much loan can be taken from Kreditzy App?

You can take loan from CreditG app for various personal needs like festive shopping, business, wedding, daily expenses, emergency, medical, school fees, bill payment etc. Are. Loan amount from Kreditzy App can be as low as Rs 1000 or Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000 and maximum as high as Rs 1 lakh or 2 lakh.

Time period for taking loan from Kreditzy App.

Loan service is available from Kreditzy App for which some time limit is set. The loan amount has to be paid within that time limit and if payment is made late, penalty charges may also be imposed.

Efforts should be made to pay the loan amount within the time limit so that the CIBIL score is good and the credit score also remains correct. The time limit can be changed if payment is made on time.

The loan payment tenure ranges from 62 days to 15 months. If the loan amount is deposited within the stipulated time period then it is beneficial for the borrower only.

How much interest is charged on taking loan from Kreditzy App?

The interest rate charged on taking loan from Kreditzy App is based on the CIBIL score and complete profile of the customer. On taking loan from CreditG app, interest rate ranges from 0% to 29.5% per annum which is also subject to change. The monthly interest rate ranges from 0% to 2.49%. These may also change depending on your credit score.

For example, if you took Rs 10,000 as a loan and the time limit for depositing the amount was 91 days, then the interest rate would be 29.95% every year and after deducting the processing fee, the interest rate would be – 10,000*29.95/365*91=747.

In this way, the interest rate on taking loan from Kreditzy App can be more or less.

Conclusion: How to take personal loan from Kreditzy App.

Taking a loan from Kredizty App is easy and a personal loan can be availed online quickly. It is safe to take loan from this app which is approved by RBI and NBFC. The CreditG app provides access to finance in the form of personal loans that help meet your needs.

In this article, various information about “How to take loan from Kreditzy App – Kreditzy Personal Loan Online App” has been written along with many related references. You will be able to know the appropriate information related to loan from CreditG app through this article.

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