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Telegram se Paise Kaise Kamaye : Earn money from Telegram in 5 ways – Earning starts from the first month

Telegram is considered better than Whatsapp in many cases. Because there is no matter of privacy in this and by creating a Telegram channel/group you can More than 5 simple ways to make money Can earn. Not only this, nowadays even 10th class children are earning 30-40 thousand rupees per month from Telegram. That too while managing his studies. So let us tell you thatHow to earn money from Telegram

So today we will tell you about the best 15 ways to earn money from Telegram. With the help of these mediums, you will start earning a good amount of money. So let us know how to earn money from Telegram App.

How much will you have to pay in Telegram,

How much can you earn from Telegram   Rs 15,000 to 30,000 per month
How much investment will have to be made        Rs 0 to 1000 only (in some cases)
How many ways are there to earn money ⇒in more than 5 ways
How much time will have to be given daily     only 3-5 hours
How many ways can you take money  ⇒  Through almost all Indian methods (UPI, BANK, PAYTM etc.)

Important things to earn money on Telegram:-

To earn money from Telegram, it is very important to have some things which are available absolutely free; As-

  • Must have an account in Telegram app – Which can be made in 2 minutes.
  • Internet – Vodafone, Airtel, Jio etc.
  • Must have telegram channel – By which you will earn money (in more than 15 ways)
  • Content/information – For which topic to post on?
  • to take paymentBank/UPI It is necessary to have.

Whatever money you earn from Telegram, you will get itPayment in UPI/BANK account Will have to take. For this youAccount in Paytm App You can make yours with this appall work Will be done.

Way to earn money from Telegram

Here I will tell you how to earn money from Telegram.I will tell you about all the methods Which is popular and easiest to use by all those who want to earn from Telegram.successful telegrammer We do

  • affiliate marketing Earn money from Telegram
  • on telegramshort link earn money by investing
  • on telegramdigital assayby promoting
  • app on telegramrefer and earn Through
  • By creating Telegram Bots
  • By sharing someone else’s link on Telegram
  • on telegramcourse selling by doing
  • Earn money by selling your Telegram Channel

How to earn money from Telegram 2023 (Telegram App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye) – Best ways

How to earn good money from Telegrammany ways which we will discuss in this blog postwill mention, You can choose any one as per your conveniencemethod used by doing daily 2 to 4 hours You can earn a good amount of money from Telegram by giving.

So now let us try these methodsDetails Let us tell you that in a short time in 2023, through Telegramhow to make good money Earn.

1. Earn money in Telegram through Affiliate Marketing

to earn money from telegram Affiliate Marketing The best way is to join the affiliate program of some company. and hispromotion of products It’s a relief to do. If someone buys that product from your link, then the company will give you something.commission Are being given. This commission is already decided, in this you1 to 50 percent Get commission in between.

You must have seen many such Telegram channels. In which only the productLoot या Deal If you go through that link then you get some percent discount. Actually he belongs to those companiesaffiliate marketing For this, it is very important for your channel to be on one topic.

The best program to set up affiliate marketing deals on Telegram;

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Flipkart Affiliate
  • Hostinger Hosting Affiliate (for blogging niche)
  • CPALead Affiliate
  •  Affiliate Program Admitad

You can join one of these programs and get the link.promote on telegram You can do this and keep earning money on every purchase.

2. Earn from Telegram by charging subscription fee

you someonepremium content By posting on Telegram channelWithout invest money and earn money can as let’s say iUPSC I have created a related Telegram channel with the preparation and I post related posts on that channel, so all the people who want to see this contactmembers Will come on Telegram channel. I want something from themI can charge money I can charge this fee monthly or only once.

you need to update your channelnot public Because everyone can watch the public channel, you have to keep your channelprivate To join a member you have towill take fees before that

Channel Ideas to Earn Money by Subscription Fees in Telegram;

  • education related channels
  • fantasy team channel to create
  • Crypto and Share Market Updates
  • Premium Movies and Web Series channel for

Dream 11 One fantasy There is an app through which you can earn at least Rs 300 per day.

3. Earn money on Telegram by selling ads

If you have good members on your channel then youearn money sitting at home This is the best option if you want to switch to another channel or any other channel.other products You can promote it and you can charge your customer a good amount for this promotion.

Before doing a promotion, an agreement is made between you and the customer as to how much money will be offered, how long will it last and in between whether you can do a deal or promotion with any other company or not. Keeping all these things in mind, you can choose a channel. Or promote the product.

Where to get customers for promotion on Telegram

  • social media through
  • By any company/by brands
  • Influencer on Instagram by contacting or talking to

And when on your Telegram group or channelmillions of subscribers If it happens then anyoneBrand and Influencer Will never refuse promotion.

4. Earn through Telegram by selling products and services

If you have yourany product or about any topic youa lot of good information If so then you can sell it and get a goodgenerate significant income You can do this by simplysell product lives . For example if yourbook business If so then you are the telegram of books.by creating a channel You can sell books on it.

or youFreelancer So whatever subject you are expert in. information about that topicby providing customers You can earn money from Telegram butkeep one thing in mind Do not always promote on your channel. If you always promote then yourvalue decreases Will go away. promotion onlyright time But how much to do?

What can you sell on Telegram to earn money?

  • Ourbusiness products by selling
  • by providing services
  •  someone else’sbusiness products by selling

When you continue to provide your servicesgradually Your branding will be created and when youbrand When you become this, people will automatically ask for your services.approach do.

5. Earn in Telegram by referring latest apps

Nowadays in the internet world there are many suchApps and websites which arerefer and earn You are running the program through this refer and earn app.Link You can post it on your Telegram channel. If you have a good following on your Telegram channelMember If you are then you are veryCan earn money.

If any member downloads that app from your linkdownload did and in thatregister If you do it, you get paid for it. Now there are many whomultiple programs Meaning if someone downloads it from your link then you get it but if someone downloads it from that link then you get it.Others downloaded the app even if you did somethingget money Are.

 Best apps with refer and earn program

  • Google Pay (For every invite100-250rs till)
  • Upstox
  • Phone Pay (for every invite)100 Rupee)
  • CoinDCX
  • winzo app (35-100rs per invite+ Lifetime Bonus)
  • Zerodha Application

By creating your account on Google Pay 100 to 250 rupees You can easily earn up to Rs. Youupstox If you create an account on up to Rs 500 Is found. So you can post the link of all these apps on Telegram.earn a lot of money can

Benefits of earning money on Telegram app

The biggest advantage of earning money from Telegram app is that you can easily earn ₹25 to ₹30000 sitting at home. And you do not need to attend to anyone and you can work whenever you want, even if you do not work for a few days, your money will still keep coming. And if you do both hard work and smart work then you can earn more than one lakh per month only from Telegram channel.

Now you will say that it is impossible to earn Rs 100000 from Telegram but friends it is not so. I have seen many people who earn between Rs 100000 to Rs 300000 per month from Telegram. If I tell you my income, I earn between Rs 50 to Rs 70 per month from Telegram.

So friends, how did you like this post? Do tell us by commenting. It is so easy to earn money online. Friends, if you work hard for only 2 to 3 months online, then take my advice and you will start generating good income.

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