Paytm Personal Loan Apply: Loan from Paytm ranging from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 3,00,000, apply from here

Paytm Personal Loan Apply : In today’s fast-paced world, Personal Loan has gained immense popularity as a means to meet various financial needs. And why not? Because human needs are infinite. Everyone needs money to fulfill their aspirations. In this era of inflation, it is no longer that easy to realize one’s dreams.

This is not possible at all by relying only on job. Therefore, today I am going to tell you about such a loan company, whose quality will surprise you. You are going to get an attractive loan at 0% interest rate. Yes friends! Of course you may have applied for loan in many other companies also. But they are not trustworthy. Despite taking all the documents, they refuse to give the loan on time.

Paytm Personal Loan Apply

Today the circumstances are such that scams are rampant at every step. In such a difficult situation, I am going to tell you about a very reputed company, whose name you must have heard. But, you must have been unaware of its amazing exploits. Yes friends! I am talking about Paytm.

Today I will tell you step by step, why PAYTM is so useful for us today? Generally, you use it every day to send money to someone or give money to someone. But the most interesting thing is that with the help of this app you can also take out personal loan. Let us know how??? First of all, this question might be arising in your mind that does PAYTM provide personal loan?

Paytm Personal Loan Apply: Lender Details

For your information, I want to tell you that PAYTM does not give you loan. Actually PAYTM helps you in getting loans from other companies. The companies that PAYTM offers to you in your interest. She is very trustworthy. All those companies are linked with PAYTM. PAYTM does not link you to any fraudulent companies. Companies which use Paytm to get you loan. The names of those companies are given below.

  Name Clix Capital
  NameArt Impact Digital Loans Priva
  NameHero FinCorp Limited

Documents required for Paytm Loan

Now this question might be arising in your mind that what documents are required to take loan from Paytm? It is obvious that if a loan is required then documents will be required. You have to understand carefully that to take any type of loan, you need the following 3 things.

  • Aadhar card – Aadhar card has become the basis of human life today. Without this every work stops. With its help you can take loans from companies. Even if you do not have other documents, if you do not have Aadhar card. Then any company will refuse to give you loan. Because only through Aadhaar card, your father’s name, your date of birth, your actual address and your fingerprint are known.
  • PAN card – If you have PAN card. So any company can give you loan. Actually PAN card is linked to your account. If you have made up your mind to take a loan. So PAN card is very important for you. If you apply for loan anywhere. So first of all you will be asked for your PAN card.
  • Your third document is your bank statements for the last three months, six months and one year. Your Bank Statements are the mirror of your Bank Account. In which all the activities related to your bank are visible. PAYTM collects all your documents during the KYC process. It is extremely important for the account to be active during all this.

Keeping in mind the convenience of its users, PAYTM has established Paytm Payment Bank. Not only this, PAYTM Payment Bank has also made arrangements with ICICI Bank to provide loans up to Rs 200,000 to its users.

What is the complete process of taking loan from Paytm?

1) First of all download Paytm app from your App Store.

2) After this you will have to enter your mobile number on Paytm app.

3) You will receive an OTP on the given mobile number, enter that OTP there.

4) After this you have to complete your KYC.

5) After this search for Personal Loan Options.

6) Under Personal Loan, you will be asked how much loan do you need?

7) After the Loan Amount, you have to enter your basic information there.

8) After that upload all your important documents there.

9) Paytm will ask you where you work. You have to answer this absolutely correctly.

10) After this you have to enter your address.

11) After this Paytm will send your loan application to the next company and that company will review your loan application.

12) After the review is done, you will get a call from the company.

13) Some things can be verified from you on call.

14) After that your loan will be approved.

15) After the loan is approved, the loan amount will be deposited in your bank account.

After this, you can withdraw your loan money from the bank and use it for your own use.

Why should one take loan from Paytm?

 If you also want to take a loan from Paytm but you do not know whether taking a loan from Paytm is safe or not, whether it is trusted or not, then taking a loan from Paytm is absolutely safe. It is a trusted app which is available in almost everyone’s phone today. You will get it and when it comes to giving loan, it is RBI registered, that is, it is one of the loans approved by the Reserve Bank of India.


Can I take loan from Paytm?

  • Yes, you can take loan from Paytm

How much loan can you take from Paytm?

  • You can take loan from Rs 10 thousand to Rs 3 lakh from Paytm.

What is the interest rate on taking Paytm Salon?

  • 1.66% (per month) and 3% (per year) interest rate is charged on taking Paytm loan.

What is the time limit to repay loan from Paytm?

  • The time limit for repaying loan from Paytm is from 3 months to 12 months.

Is it safe to take loan from Paytm?

  • Taking loan from Paytm is absolutely safe

Is Paytm RBI registered?

  • Yes, absolutely Paytm RBI registered

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