How to put your photo or face on any video? – Replace Face in video app

You must have seen many such videos on the internet, in which the video is someone else’s, but the face is someone else’s, which is also very funny to watch. Want to put a friend’s face? So in this post I will give you all the information, which app you have to download and how to use it, if you want to learn all this then stay on this post till the end.

If you want to remove the artist’s face from someone else’s video like comedy, film scene etc and put your own or someone else’s face from the mobile itself. So you can easily change face from video using face changing apps in your mobile.

Today we are going to tell you about one such application, with the help of which you can put your photo or face on any video, not only you can also create funny videos, GIF photos, photo memes, face filters, photos etc. from this app. are you AndPhoto Editor AndMemes Creator is also So let’s find outHow To Change Face In Video?(How To Change Face In Video)

Nowadays you will find such applications on play store, which come with amazing features. Similarly, there is an app on the Play Store that lets you put your face in any video, as you may have seen in many WhatsApp videos. You’ll find a link to the app below, and I’ll teach you how to use it, so let’s see

How to put your photo or face on any video?

To change your photo or face on any video you need in your mobile Reface: Funny Face Swap Videos One has to download a face changing app called, with the help of this you can put another face in the video.

This article tells you step by step how to change face in video, but firstRedo AppIt is very important to know about the special feature of, through which you can change photo or face in any video.

What can you do in Reface App?

There are many things you can do with Reface App, as detailed below.

  • You can put another face in any video.
  • You can put your face on any photo.
  • You can move photos in it using Photo Animator.
  • In this, new videos and GIFs are coming every day, you can use them.
  • You can create amazing clips or funny memes with them.
  • You can apply a filter by pressing a few buttons, and voila, you’ve completely changed your look.
  • You can change your face with movie actor characters.

How to change face in video?

How to change face in video You will find many articles about it on the internet, but we can easily create a beautiful video or photo by placing your photo or face on any video from mobile.
How to change face in video:

Step-1: First of all, you have to click on the link below in your mobile Redo Application Download And must be installed.

Reface application

Step-2: after thatRedo App Open andGet Stated Click to make it easy to select a photo.

Step-3: after that,Take a Selfie or Upload From Gallery By clicking on any of the two options, you have to listen to the photo or face that you want to face change in the video.

Step-4: We do photo crop from gallery, you have to crop photo properly andConfirm Click on the No option. After that you can see several options in Discover, vizTrading videos, Movie or Serial Clips and GIFs will be seen.

Note: If you use this app for free, you will see ads, you must+ (Plus) Ads have to be closed by clicking on .

Step-5: After that select any video from Discove and click on it on which you want to put another photo or face andI’ve read and agree with the above Tick ​​it and click on Continue option. with a little processing

Step-6: In this way the face will be sensed in the video, you have to save it in your mobileDownload You have to click on the icon and take permission by clicking on Allow. From which the video will be downloaded in your phone.

Note: If youRemove watermarks from videos for free If you want toRemove Watermark You can remove the watermark by viewing the ads by clicking on

This way, you can change your face and put another face in any video. If you want to know how to change face by video, you can learn how to change face in video by watching the video below.

Conclusion: Now you must know how to put your photo or face on any video? – Replace Face in video and if you have any problem in changing your photo or face in video then you tell us in comment, we will surely answer it.

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