How to earn money from Meesho App?

Have you ever heard about Meesho App before? If not then today’s articleHow to earn money from Meesho App There is going to be a lot of information for you. In today’s time, money is one of our primary needs.

E-commerce is gradually becoming very popular in India. Where big giants likeAmazon AndFlipkart While many people have already been a part of this game like online shopping, now many small and big shops are also becoming a part of this game with their good quality products and new innovative ideas.

At the same time, they have also created many such apps through which you can easily earn money sitting at home. If you want to know how to earn money using these apps, then today’s article is about Meesho App. Must read.

Yes, you have heard it right, India’s biggest reseller app is Meesho which is very popular among hundreds of people in India. If, like others, you also want to earn money online sitting at home or want to expand your existing business, then Meesho can become a great option for you.

There can be many ways to earn money. But the youth are more inclined towards earning money online. Why not, who wouldn’t want to work from home and earn money without investment? if youmoney earning app If you want to know about it then definitely read it.

Back to the topic friends. You all know that Hindime has been continuously giving you information about online earning methods for the last four years. In this series, today we are going to share with you complete information about Meesho app in Hindi in Hindi. This is an online money making application where you can earn good income in a month without spending anything. What is massho app andhow to earn money from meeshoI am going to give you information about these here.

what is meesho

In factMeesho Is an online resale platform. Which we can call in other words as mobile applications for digital marketing. itGoogle Play Store But are available free of charge for Android users. A question might have come in your mind, what is the meaning of reselling app.

Would like to tell you that Meesho App is that online store where big wholesale companies of India list their products. By opening your account in this application, you can easily earn good commission by selling any product on social media sites.

Let us try to understand through an example. Suppose you buy a good laptop from the laptop category which is priced at Rs 10,000 and you are getting a commission of 5 percent on it. Then you share it in a group through your link and if someone buys that product, then you earn from one share. You can earn 5 percent of Rs 10 thousand i.e. Rs 500 at a time.

What is the quality of Meesho Products?

The best thing about Meesho’s products is that Meesho is very strict about the quality of its products. They maintain high standards regarding each of their things, which is a good thing for the users from the quality point of view.

They also have the facility of flexible exchange and return policy, in case customers face any problem regarding the products. Regular feedback from customers helps Meesho to ensure that the quality of their products is always the best!

Is Meesho App safe?

Yes, Meesho app is absolutely safe, and it is not a fraud. It is a Bengaluru-based social commerce platform that helps both resellers and emerging brands in growing their business with the help of social media. It has raised funding of about $50 million during Series C funding.

This round was led by new investors Shunwei Capital, RPS Ventures and DST Partners. His existing investors SAIF Partners, Venture Highway, Y Combinator and Sequoia India also participated in it.

How to download Meesho app?

If you also want to download Meesho App, then for that you will have to use this link.

By visiting this link you can easily download your Meesho App. Then create your account there. Here you will also be able to see for yourself how many thousands of products are available in front of you and that too at such cheap prices. If you want, you can buy those products for yourself because you get those products cheaper than Amazon and Flipkart.

How to use Meesho App?

If you also want to use Meesho App then you will have to follow the instructions given below. For your information, let me tell you that Meesho is a social-commerce platform which you can use in two ways.

Firstly, you can start an online business without investment and secondly, you can buy fashion and household items for yourself and your family. Any item is available cheaper in Meesho app than other e-commenrce stores.

We have described both these methods completely below, how you can order goods from Meesho and start online business with it. Before this, let us know how to download and set-up it.

1. Meesho Install and open the app.

2. By opening Meesho you will see an interface like this.

3. NowContinue Click on the option.

4. After this enter your mobile numberSend OTP Click on.

5. It will automatically verify the OTP. After this he will ask for some permission.

6. HereContinue Click on and keep clicking on Allow.

7. After this yourGender Select.

8. NowMeesho App Ready to use. (Picture – This is the homepage of Meesho.)

Now you can easily use your Meesho App.

Who founded Meesho and when?

Meesho has been establishedHe saw AndSanjeev Barnwal by whichIIT-Delhi Are alumni of. its establishment thereyear 2015 happened in. Their main objective is that by the year 2020 they are going to prepare about 20 million successful entrepreneurs.

Who is the owner of Meesho app?

meesho app ownerHe saw AndSanjeev Barnwal Yes. Before establishing Meesho, both of them used to sell products online with the help of social media. After this, seeing the trend of online shopping in India, he created Meesho App.

How to earn money from Meesho app

Now let’s talk about earning from Meesho App, how much you can earn and how you can earn. Your earnings will depend on your network, i.e. how many people you are able to reach Meesho’s product and how many of them buy the product. If you are a member of a big group of online deals and best selling offers, then your link can create very good earning potential.

To start earning money from Meesho app, first of all you have to download this app from Play Store, after that sign up and create an account. Thousands of product categories will be available in this app, which you can promote as per your favorite and hot deals.

How does Meesho Business work?

Nowadays most peopleFacebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Olx Remain active. If you have good friends on any of these social sites, then you can easily earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month from Meesho Mobile app.

You are wondering how this can happen. But this is true because the concept of Meesho app is different from other online selling websites.

A shopkeeper gets wholesale goods, he sells them to the customers after adding his freight expenses and profit. You get the same concept in this app. Its most important thing is that the products available on it are cheaper than Amazon, Flipcard, Snapdeal, Indiamart etc., hence people get good deals only, hence they will buy your product and will also give you good profit.

money from meesho app Your job is to deliver the listed product to the user on mass. After this, this system will do all the work like payment, delivery etc. and the profit margin of the related product will be added to your account.

What are the features of Meesho?

Many features make Meesho App the best in all. Here two types of options are available to the users to buy any product. Customers can make payment through either online payment or cash on delivery option.

How much can you earn from Meesho app?

Meesho team says that by using their platform, most of the sellers earn aroundRs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 You can easily earn up to Rs. per month. In this you get to see a wide range of products such asfashion, lifestyle And other categories.

According to a report, Meesho has about 800,000 social sellers That too from 500 towns of India. He has started his business from scratch. There are about 4 million consumers on Meesho’s platform.

Meesho Help Line Number

Often I have seen that when people face some problem in Meesho App, theyMeesho Help Line Number Let’s look for. So today let me provide you information about their helpline number.

In Meesho help, you can ask any question related to Meesho and there many people like you have asked questions and you can read their answers and find your answer. To contact you from here, you have also been given a helpline number and an email on which you can contact Meesho and ask the answer to your question in any language.

Helpline Phone Number08061799600

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