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Flipkart Personal Loan Apply Online: Get a loan of ₹ 50000 from Flipkart

Flipkart Personal Loan Apply Online – Most people know Flipkart as an online shopping platform. It is used to purchase different types of goods. But you can also take personal loan through this application. If you do not have money to do any kind of shopping thenFlipkart Can help.

It is worth noting that if you need money anywhere in your life, not just shopping.Flipkart Can take help. Many times we need money but do not get loan due to different types of documents and long process in the bank. Flipkart can help you immediately. This facility has been started recently, you can get an instant loan up to ₹ 50000 by downloading the Flipkart application in your mobile.

Today we will give you your favoriteFlipkart Will explain the process of taking loan with the help of the application. You can easily get a personal loan through this application. This application can give you an instant loan of more than Rs 50000. You should know about some essential process which is explained below.

Flipkart Personal Loan Apply Online – Overview

Name of PostFlipkart Personal Loan Apply Online
EligibilityCIBIL Score
Loan AmountRs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000
InterestApprox 12.5%

Flipkart Personal Loan

In today’s times, money may be needed at any time. In such a situation, the bank does not approve the loan immediately. Many different types of applications have come but it is important not to trust them. hope yourFlipkart Must have done online shopping from. Because of this, your trust will definitely be towards Flipkart.

so you can easilyFlipkart You can get personal loan through. For this personal loan you will have to make a small application. You do not need any type of document when taking a loan from here. Information about how easily you can take a loan is given below.

How much loan can one get from here?

Flipkart With the application you can earn Rs. 1 lakh₹50000 You can take a loan up to Rs. This application is also used to take personal loan. There is a lot of interest here which12.5% ​​interest Is. Loan repayment period also1 year to 5 years It is up to. You can easily repay the loan between 12 months to 60 months.

If you want to take a loan without any hassle or any document. If you want to take loan at low interest and want to repay gradually thenFlipkart Loan can be best for you.

To whom does Flipkart give loan?

To take a loan from the bank, you have to submit different documents and follow a very long process. But you can get instant loan on this application. you onlyFlipkart App Download You have to do this and create your account and apply for the loan.

If we talk about the eligibility for loan available from here, no specific eligibility has been prescribed. The person applying for the loan must be above 18 years of age and have a good CIBIL score. People who have good CIBIL score get the loan within 5 minutes.

Flipkart Personal Loan Apply Online

if you sit at homeFlipkart If you want to take a loan then you have to follow the instructions given below –

  • First of all you have to download the Flipkart application from Google Play Store.
  • After this you will have to create your account on this application for which only mobile number is required.
  • After this, there will be an account option on the home page of Flipkart where you have to click and then click on the personal loan option.
  • Now a new page will open where you have to fill the PAN card number and other necessary information and submit.
  • After this you have to tell about the work details. You have to tell what kind of work you do and how much you earn.
  • After this, choose how much loan you want and by when you are going to repay that loan.
  • If you are going to repay the loan in EMI then select your EMI.
  • After this your loan will be approved and you will be able to easily get the money in your bank account.


We have tried to explain to you in simple words thatFlipkart Personal Loan Apply Online what happens. Apart from this, some other important information has also been mentioned. If you find the shared information beneficial then share it with your friends and do not forget to share your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.

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