Apple seeds iPadOS 16.5 beta to developers


Apple has recently seeded the beta version of iPadOS 16.5 to developers, providing a glimpse of what’s to come in the next update for iPad users. With this latest release, Apple has once again proven its commitment to improving user experience by introducing new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

Apple seeds iPadOS 16.5 beta to developers

The new beta version of iPadOS 16.5 has already started creating a buzz among developers, and rightfully so. Here are some of the exciting features and improvements that users can expect from the latest release:

  1. Universal Control: One of the most anticipated features of the upcoming iPadOS update is Universal Control. This new feature allows users to seamlessly use a single mouse and keyboard to control multiple devices, including Macs and iPads. With Universal Control, users can drag and drop files, images, and text between devices without any interruption.
  2. New Multitasking Options: Apple has also introduced new multitasking options, making it easier for users to switch between apps and work on multiple apps at the same time. This includes the ability to create a new Split View workspace by dragging an app from the Dock onto the current workspace, making it easier to organize your workflow.
  3. Improved Widgets: Widgets have been a popular feature on iOS and iPadOS, and Apple is taking it to the next level in iPadOS 16.5. The latest release offers more customization options for widgets, including the ability to resize them and add more information to the widgets.
  4. Enhanced Privacy: With the growing concern over privacy, Apple is taking a proactive approach to protect user data. The latest iPadOS beta version includes new privacy settings that give users more control over their data. This includes the ability to see which apps are accessing their data and how often, making it easier to identify potential privacy violations.
  5. Performance Improvements: As with every update, Apple is committed to improving performance and fixing bugs. With iPadOS 16.5, users can expect a smoother and faster experience, with improved app launch times, reduced app crashes, and faster access to commonly used apps.

Overall, the new beta version of iPadOS 16.5 is packed with exciting features and improvements that will enhance the user experience for iPad users. Apple’s commitment to delivering a better experience for its users is evident in this latest update, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the future of iPadOS.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is still a beta release, and users may encounter bugs and other issues. As such, it’s recommended that users wait for the official release before upgrading their devices.

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