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MyShubhLife Loan App :- Friends, if you want all your money needs to be fulfilled and you don’t have to worry about money? I know your answer will be yes. So if your answer is yes then friends, you don’t need to do much to meet the need of money. All you have to do is read our posts and follow the information given in the posts. We give you information about many loan apps in our post. We tell you how you can take loan from any app. And then you can apply for the loan as per your requirement. You can choose your loan application according to the loan amount and loan interest. So friends, now you don’t have to worry about money.

MyShubhLife Loan App Table Highlight

Name of the articleMyShubhLife Loan App
LanguageGujarati & English
Loans Receivableup to 1 lakh

Now let’s put your money related stress aside. Because in today’s post we are going to talk about how you can take loan online. The loan we are going to talk about is MyShubhLife Loan App. With this app you can easily transfer your loan amount to your account without any fuss. Today we are going to know how much loan amount you will get from MyShubhLife Loan app, what is the interest rate of MyShubhLife Loan app, what is the tenure rate of MyShubhLife Loan app and many other things we are going to know in this post. . So let’s start our today’s post.

How much loan can we get from MyShubhLife Loan app?

Friends, with MyShubhLife Loan app we can get a maximum loan amount of Rs.3,000 to Rs.2,00,000. This loan amount will be sufficient for all our needs.

What is the tenure rate of MyShubhLife Loan application?

Friends of MyShubhLife Loan app, you will get a period of 3 months to 3 years to repay the loan amount.

What is the interest rate of MyShubhLife Loan app?

Friends MyShubhLife Loan app will charge maximum interest rate of 16% – 44%.

MyShubhLife Loan App Other Charges?

Friends apart from this you have to pay 0%-3% service charge.

Example of MyShubhLife Loan app

Loan amount = ₹1,00,000
Duration = 12 months
Interest rate = 26%
Monthly EMI = ₹9,553
EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1], P Loan Amount, R Interest Rate and N Duration.
Total Interest [(EMI x 12) – Loan Amount]: (₹9553 x 12) – (₹1,00,000) = ₹14,636
Other expenses include processing fee (@2% + 18% GST): ₹1,00,000 x 2% = ₹2,000 + 18% GST = ₹2,360.
Total cost = ₹14,636 + ₹2,360 = ₹16,996
Total payment = ₹1,00,000 + ₹16,996 = ₹1,16,996

MyShubhLife Loan Application Eligibility Criteria?

  1. Indian citizen
  2. Above 18 years of age.
  3. Should have a monthly source of income.

MyShubhLife Loan Application Documents Required?

  1. aadhar card
  2. PAN card
  3. bank account

How to get Loan from MyShubhLife Loan App?

  • Download MyShubhLife Loan App.
  • Register a personal account in the application.
  • Select your loan amount and loan tenure.
  • Fill in personal information.
  • Submit your loan application.
  • After this, your loan amount will be credited to your account.

Features of MyShubhLife Loan App?

  1. No credit history is required.
  2. 100% paperless loan application process, no bank visit.
  3. High loan approval rate.
  4. Direct Bank Transfer after approval.
  5. Access your cash anywhere and anytime in India
  6. Pay on time, loan amount increases gradually. Variety of convenient payment methods.
  7. Loan amount up to 2 lakhs.
  8. Secure customer information.

In this post we got to know how we can apply for Loan from MyShubhLife Loan App, how much loan amount we will get from MyShubhLife Loan App, what is the interest rate of MyShubhLife Loan App, what is the tenure rate of MyShubhLife Loan. application. All these things we got to know in this post. If you like this post then please share this post with your friends or your colleagues. Thank you very much for taking your valuable time for this post.

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